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Fiona O'Grady Makeup Lessons

As a professional makeup artist, I am really passionate about everything to do with makeup and I love sharing my techniques with others. With over 10 years experience in the makeup and beauty industry, I have gained a lot of knowledge in the beauty business.

Makeup is now more popular than ever and the trends are constantly changing. Some people can struggle to grasp the makeup application techniques similar to you tube tutorials. That is why seeing and trying these techniques out in person, with a professional at hand to help you is far more beneficial.

Makeup lessons are available on a one-to one or group basis can be tailored to suit the individual or group. This includes everything from learning how to apply certain makeup products, to creating a look to suit your eye shape or how to achieve overall flawless or glowing skin. Do you find certain makeup or beauty products difficult to use? Would you like to learn tips for applying foundation, liquid eyeliner, lip liner and even contouring? I can answer questions and help you learn everything from skin tone and skin care, to achieving a look for a special occasion.

These lessons start from beginner level, for example, those who do not wear makeup every day but want to learn application techniques, all the way through to an advanced level where those are confident in applying makeup but wish to further their skill.